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Rob is a London based composer, orchestrator and arranger.

At 16, he was awarded a scholarship to study at the Purcell School for Young Musicians and following this, the Royal College of Music. It was these years of being immersed in music every day that inspired his love for composition, orchestration and the rich, emotive sounds of orchestral music. 

On leaving the RCM, he began work as an orchestral french horn player - a good match for his lifelong love for film music!

After several years, it was actually a prolonged period of illness and enforced rest that led to the discovery and flourishing of his talents for writing and arranging music. 

Opportunities began to open up for Rob, first as an orchestrator and arranger and then as a composer for the screen and concert hall.

The experience of those difficult years have lent a particular empathy and depth to his creativity.

Early in his career Rob met and worked with musicians who were experienced improvisors, who inspired and encouraged his own interest in improvisation, the freedom and immediacy of which finds its way into much of his writing today. 

He has produced a number of his own albums of improvised music.

Rob conducting 2.jpg
Rob conducting 1.jpg

Rob has also written a large catalogue of songs for a leading childrens music publisher, as well as contributing to their publication of over 2000 other songs.

He aspires to write music that connects with the soul and that enhances the drama and emotional impact of a scene.

He is comfortable and experienced in the recording studio both behind and in front of the conductor’s baton.

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Rob playing Piano 1 cropped b&w screen w
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